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Bulk URL Encoder/Decoder sounds tough and complicated but it is a simple online tool that exactly encodes and decodes your data without any loss of data. To secure your data or URL you must use this tool. With the advancement in technology, there are more chances of theft, viruses, malware, and fraud. It is an important SEO Tool that helps to protect your data on the web world. Let’s understand step by step about this tool.

Why we use URL Encoder/Decoder

Move further first, we should understand what is Encoding and what Is Decoding. So if we talk about Encoding, it is a process of mixing letters, numbers, special characters for creating a special format of your data. Decoding is opposite to encoding, which means in the process of decoding, it creates a simple human-readable format of the data.

URL Encoder is also known as Percent Encoding. URL Encoding is a combination of a unified resource locator(URL) and unified resource name(URN).

How To Use Bulk URL Encoder/Decoder

Bulk URL Encoder/Decoder is the best free tool and it gives us accurate results.

  • First, open its Homepage
  • Enter valid multiple URLs in the given box
  • Press the submit button, and your result will be displayed like:



Safe and Secure:

We know that all data comes from the server and uses a high-level encryption process to secure information. We do not keep or save the contents of the submitted or uploaded data on this tool. Read our privacy policy below for more details. This tool gives you the security and features to protect your information.




It is reliable, efficient and gives us accurate information, and not complicated to use. It gives results within a few seconds so you can save your precious time.



Completely Free:

It provides free service, it is free to use and you don't need registration, any kind of membership, or download any software to use this service.


In the end, the Bulk URL Encoder/Decoder tool is a very simple tool that gives accurate results. Basically, it is developed for safety purposes, and if you want to use this service you can easily convert it with this tool. This tool is also used for preparing the data of the media types.